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Welcome to the Dalmatian DIY Blog, furfriends!

Hello and welcome to our blog, where (with a little administrative help from our humans) we share dog-friendly DIYs, crafts, recipes and other fun treats for dogs and those who love dogs. All pets are welcome, not just Dalmatians like us. This is a virtual playground for dogs and dog lovers of all shapes and spots! We are very social animals and love fur friends of all forms. In fact, until recently (we miss you, Tiger...) we had a step-brother rescue cat. His name was Tiger and he was pretty doggone cool...for a cat. We even let him have his own Pinterest board for creative cat stuffTiger recently passed away, and is deeply missed after sixteen years of love and companionship. Rest easy, mane man.

My name is Oliver, but my friends call me Oli. I'm the real boss around here (that's me on the left). The naughty little guy is my younger brother-from-another-mother Humphrey (that's him on the right). Together we rule the house...the garden...the bed...the sofa...you get the idea! Thanks for visiting our blog! If you're a new visitor, you can read more about our terms of use, policies, and disclosure details and we wish you happy exploring!  We would love for you to drop by regularly to see what creative mischief we are getting ourselves into, and you can find our social media links on the sidebar if you would like to join us elsewhere online.

Two Dalmatian dogs wearing matching plaid bandanas

Meet the Dogs of Dalmatian DIY (and their Human)

Oliver is a senior spotty of 13 (April birthday). He is quick with a smile and has always had the magical ability to rapidly charm whomever he meets no matter the circumstance. A geriatric gentleman these days, we're ever so lucky and grateful for each and every day we spend together.  Oli is a professional taste tester, master of the hungry eyes, unrepentant bed hog, expert at the art of the of the silent-but-deadly fart, and king of the senior strolls. He loves very slow walks on the beach, collecting pats from everyone in the neighbourhood, and can still rock a "high five" with the best of them.

Humphrey is a handsome young whippersnapper of 5 (August birthday). He is a cheeky chap who particularly enjoys a good squeaky toy that he can howl along with during play. Unlike Oli, he's a very serious lad about posing (treats are serious business!) but when he does bring out his crazy Dali grin it's impossible not to smile along with him. Humphrey is a clever little chap with an adventurous spirit. He's a professional prancer, squeaky toy virtuoso, sous-chef and dishwasher extraordinaire, Momma's pawsonal trainer, and the very snuggliest of spooners. He loves cruising in the car, napping in sunbeams, and stealing hearts (and kisses).

Laura (Momma) is the dog treat baker and crafter behind the content you see here on the blog. In addition to blogging, crafting, baking, and more (see FAQs below), she spends time walking dogs, cleaning up after dogs, and patting other peoples dogs (seriously...). She also enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors, both of which are even better with dogs as company. She learned to cook and craft from her mother and grandmother, and from there it's become a lifelong hobby, and she recently added to her doggy diet knowledge by completing a certification as a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist from DNM University - not so much to raw feed (we currently mix feed both homemade and commercial), but to better understand the fundamentals. Her passion for photography comes from her father, and she has a Diploma of Photography and Cert IV in Digital Design (Photography) in addition to her engineering and management qualifications that help underpin the running of the technical and administrative side of the blog.

Daddy (by far the dogs' favourite human) is also a big supporter of everything we do and is the one who encouraged the sharing of Dalmatian DIY with the world. Special mention to our recently departed Tiger, our elderly rescue cat who passed away earlier this year, and to Humphrey's puppy pal neighbour dog Cooper who enjoys helping out with taste testing duties during playdates at our place. 

Welcome to our blog dog world! Virtual slobbery smooches and sniffs of greeting to you and yours!

Collage of funny selfie attempts by owner with two Dalmatian dogs at the beach

Please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. 

A few other frequently asked questions...

Oh my! How do you handle TWO big dogs?

I get this often from strangers when they see little me with my boisterous big walking/jogging companions, which is very often as Dalmatians benefit from plenty of exercise (read more about the Dalmatian breed here).  It is a lot of work, but we wouldn't have it any other way after seeing the joy a "brother" has brought to our elder dog and vice versa.  I love having energetic exercise companions (aka my personal trainers) and they are the best of friends. Now that Oli has become a truly senior dog, his exercise needs and tolerance have changed significantly from young Humphrey. So much so in recent times that we recently purchased a dog stroller for better senior dog quality of life. It's a challenge sometimes for sure, but pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to love and the very best possible life together.

Why Dalmatians?

It just kind of happened that way, starting with now senior Oli who was my husband's young pup back when we first met. I've got to be honest, though, our sweet spotty boys have definitely won my heart over to a little bit of bias! You can read more about Dalmatians in 101 Things about Dalmatians.  Don't worry, furfriends - we love dogs of all colours, shapes and sizes. Cats too!  We have a fluffy old rescue cat that has been travelling the world with us for years. Tiger recently passed away and is greatly missed.

You make a lot of treats. Aren't you worried about making your dogs fat?

It is kind of the opposite really. As we learned more about dog diets in an effort to take better care of our senior dog, we started to understand how poor some commercial treats are in terms of content and nutritional value (not a blanket statement - there are good ones too!) and from there we started to explore different options. Treats are still treats, so all things in moderation with plenty of offsetting exercise, of course! You can read more about why we started making our own treats in our post on Why (and How) to Make Homemade Dog Treats.

Tip: Start making it a habit to read the labels on dog treat and food packages, with attention to the ingredients and nutritional content/breakdown. Even in our treat crazy household, we don't make all of our own treats (or food), but I am choosy about what we buy wrt sources and ingredients. Some treats are better made with commercial sources and/or equipment that we current have available, and some are a little to yucky for me (like dehydrated furry deer ears) but our dogs love them! If you think we'd like to taste test your treats or food, feel free to check out our Work (or Play!) with Us page for more information.

Why do you blog?

I ask myself that sometimes!  In truth, its mostly because I like to share and try new things. I really truly appreciate each and every visitor to the blog, your comments, and our interactions on social media.  You make it all worthwhile.  Thank you ever so much!  Our blog does have advertising and affiliates, but that's more of an offset than an actual blog income. They help to keep our site free access for everyone. When you shop via these links, we may receive a (VERY!) small commission, but affiliate shopping doesn't change prices at all for the buyer - it just helps you discover fun new things. You can read more in our policies/disclosure.

Can I include your post in a round-up?

Absolutely!  We love making new friends and it is awesome when you invite your friends and followers to read things here on the blog.  Thanks ever so much. If you'd like, feel free to use one of my photos with a link back to the original post. Please don't copy our post content, direct or paraphrased. Click here to read more about our sharing guidelines and how to Link with Love.  If you would like to share more than one of my images in your post, want to use any other content, or if you have a special request, please email and I will do my best to help. I'm very flexible and PR friendly.

Do you accept guest posts?

We do not actively seek outside content, but we do occasionally accept guest posts.  These are limited to interesting original content from knowledgeable sources that suit our niche content and audience. Additional information is available on our Work (or Play!) with Us page and/or via email.

Who designed your blog and graphics?

I did. Things are always evolving bit-by-bit around here! The template is a basic free Blogger layout that has been tweaked and customised over the years to suit my needs. As the blog matured, I migrated away from the free Blogspot site to our own custom domain, but I'm still using the free Google blogger system to design and share the current website.

Do you take your own photographs for the blog? 

I do indeed! Most images (excluding some of our guest posts and round-ups) are our own, and any photos that aren't will be credited to their source. At present, my go-to is my Canon 5D, although you may see iPhone pics/video from time to time (very convenient when out for walkies) and maybe even some GoPro footage in the future. I use Adobe Photoshop for any edits and Picasa (yep...still have a copy!) for quick colleges. Within Photoshop, I do most of my editing manually, but I do love my Topaz tools (referral link), especially DeNoise, and I have a number of other shortcuts and actions, both bought and self-recorded to streamline my workflow.

Can I use one of your photos?

Only if you are using it in direct relation to sharing our content, unless you have requested and received permission for a special purpose. You can read more in our Link with Love section. If you have a special request, please send me an email.  I'm very flexible and PR friendly.