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Join the Blog Dogs of Dalmatian DIY on Social Media

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Are we connected, furfriends? You can find Dalmatian DIY on social media for our latest news, posts, updates, special events, and a behind the scenes look at life with the blog dogs of Dalmatian DIY.

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If you're a Facebook user, the Dalmatian DIY Facebook page is a great way to stay on top of our latest news and enjoy the occasional giggle from silly shares. Our posts are a mix of photos, posts from our blog, and shares of interesting dog-related posts from elsewhere. We promise not to spam (we hate spam too) and it absolutely makes our day when we can put some social in our social media.  We love your comments! Comments and visitor posts on our page are one of our favourite places to chat with furfriends (and swoon over your own gorgeous dogs when you share photos with us).  If you're more of a Twitter person, the Dalmatian DIY Twitter feed also has photos and posts from our blog, along with shares and retweets of dog-related posts from elsewhere.  

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Dalmatian DIY's Instagram is the place to go for a combination of favourite photos, new and old (including throwbacks and puppy pics), along with a less formal look at life with the blog dogs of Dalmatian DIY, Oliver (Oli) and Humphrey.  We also go behind the scenes in our Instagram stories with little snippets and shares from our everyday activities that aren't shared anywhere else, so be sure to follow along for sneak peeks.  Instagram is fast becoming on of our favourite platforms for interacting with our furfriends and followers, near and far, so if your dogs are on Instagram, we'd love to see what they're up to!  I can't get enough cute dogs in my day! :) If you're creating something inspired by the blog, we also love seeing your posts/stories and you can catch our attention with the @dalmatiandiy mention and/or use our #DalmatianDIY hashtag.  

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Dalmatian DIY's Pinterest is a giant collection of dog-related posts and links from all over the place. If you're looking for doggone great ideas for dogs or dog-lovers, we've probably got a board full of ideas for whatever curiosity or question. From treats, to toys, to different holidays, we've got you covered. Pinterest is also where I keep a lot of our non-DIY dog related links for both myself and our followers. We have boards for puppies, seniors, heath, nutrition, and more.

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🐾 We personally LOVE using Pinterest, for both sharing and discovering new things, but it's  good to be beware and pin/click with care. We often (frustratingly) see our own images on "fake" pins. There are a few users who take images/pins and use them to create identical pins misdirecting people to unrelated websites. See Oli and Humphrey's tips for pawesome pinning for more info.

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📝 If you're looking for information or have questions, our blog comments, direct email, or reaching out to us on social media are all great ways to get in touch except for Pinterest. If you leave a comment on a pin to our page, because of they way these currently work, we may not see it for quite some time (perhaps never if it is not our own pin), so if you need a reply, reach out through one of the other methods above. We no longer read/respond to DMs on Pinterest because, at present, they are very heavy infested with spam, sadly. 

Hope to see you here, there, and everywhere sometime soon, furfriends!  You're what this whole blogging adventure of ours is all about and sharing with you is the reason that Dalmatian DIY exists. Thanks for being part of our crazy blog dog world and for all the love you share with Oli and Humphrey.

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