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Pet-Friendly Holiday Fun

Who loves howliday fun? Looking for pet-friendly holiday ideas? We've got you covered.

Smiling dalmatian dog in a pile of opened presents and ripped wrapping paper

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Ready to start celebrating? You can jump straight into our holiday dog posts if you'd like, or use the internal search (bottom right of the sidebar in web/tablet view) to sniff out something specific.

DIY dog birthday parties have their own page to help you navigate our party archives and related content, so if you just want to party, you can explore from there, if you prefer. Most of our party content is birthday oriented, but can be readily adapted for other special occasions. It's a dog's life indeed!   

Exploring the Holiday Archives

Our blog includes post labels that can help you navigate and discover related post topics, including large categories such as major holidays, like all of our dog-friendly Christmas posts, as well as smaller and more specific labels.  These will automatically sort by date, with the most recent posts first. Labels are located on the footer of each post. 

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Holidays on the Blog | Popular DIY and Dog-Friendly Holiday Posts

Feeling festive? Here are some post previews from some of the main holidays on the blog; however, we love to celebrate other special events (and crazy days of the year) as well, so there are many other special holiday posts in our blog archives. If you're hunting for something specific, try the internal search (bottom right of the sidebar in web/tablet view).

Dalmatian DIY is New Zealand based and some occasions, like Mother's Day and Father's Day may not align with your home country so don't be surprised if posting dates seem a little strange sometimes.  Having grown up in Canada in a family with Irish roots, I still have a soft spot for occasions like St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving (not celebrated here), and Halloween (not traditionally celebrated, but growing in popularity here).   You'll see the occasional treat or DIY sneak in for other non-kiwi occasions as well.

🐾 We take requests for future posts, and have created dog-friendly holiday DIYs, recipes, freebies, and more (including for holidays and occasions we don't celebrate ourselves). We can't turn every special request into a scheduled post due to planning and other constraints, but will try to help with ideas where we can! 

Valentine's Day dog treats
Valentine Treat Ideas
DIY Valentine coloured woven fleece dog tug toy
Valentine Tug Toy
Tinting dog treat dough pink and red
Pink + Red Tinting Tips
DIY dog Valentine's Day bandana with iron on heat transfer vinyl
Embellished Bandana
Sardine and cheese pink dog treats
Sardine + Cheese Treats
Homemade squeaky stuffed lips dog toy
Squeaky Valentine Kiss Toy
Pink strawberry cream cheese Valentine dog treats
Berry Cheesecake Treats
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Spirulina gelatin gummy dog treats
Spirulina Gummy Treats
Naturally green homemade dog treats
Naturally Green Treats
St. Patrick's Day Lucky Dog printables
Free Printable Tags
Giant DIY rainbow dog tug toy
Rainbow Tug of Tugs! Toy
DIY St. Patrick's Day green and white woven fleece dog tug toy
St. Patrick's Day Tug
DIY plaid dog bow tie
DIY Dog Bow Tie
Rainbow marbled bone dog treats
Rainbow Dog Treats
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Homemade Easter carob dog treats
Carob Gummy Dog Treats
Easter dog treats with carob and peanut butter
PB Carob Easter Treats
Bunny shaped Easter dog treats
Bacon Bunny Dog Treats
DIY Easter egg stuffed dog toys
Squeaky Easter Egg Toys
Easter dog treat printables
Free Printable Tags
DIY dog Easter gift basket
Dog Easter Gift Baskets
Stained glass gummy homemade gelatin and yogurt dog treats
Stained Glass Gummies
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Homemade Halloween stamped pumpkin dog treats
Trick or Treats
DIY stuffed witch Halloween dog toy
Squeaky Witch Toy
Homemade black cat shaped Halloween dog treats
Black Cat Treats
Dog Halloween treats with monster eyes
Frankenbone Dog Treats
Homemade mummy and bone Halloween dog treats
Mummy Bone Dog Treats
DIY Frankenstein stuffed dog toy
Frankenstien Squeaky Dog Toy
Homemade pumpkin dog treats
Easy Pumpkin Treats
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Homemade pumpkin gelatin gummy dog treats
Pumpkin Gummy Treats
Pumpkin pie homemade dog treats
Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats
Homemade pumpkin bliss ball dog treats
Pumpkin Truffle Treats
Homemade pumpkin pie gelatin gummy dog treats
Pumpkin Pie Gummy Treats
Homemade pumpkin shaped dog treats
Pumpkin PB Dog Treats
Homemade vegetable and herb dog treats
Harvest Truffle Treats
Apple gelatin gummy dog treats
Spiced Apple Gummies
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DIY oversized polka dot dog bow tie
Oversized Dog Bow Ties
DIY Christmas stuffed squeaky dog toys
Christmas Triangle Toys
DIY Christmas wreath woven fleece dog tug toy
Christmas Wreath Tug Toy
DIY ugly Christmas sweater dog bandana
Ugly Sweater Bandana
Peanut butter banana carob Christmas plunger cookie cutter dog treats
Banana Carob Dog Treats
DIY candy cane woven fleece dog tug toy
Christmas Candy Cane Tug
Apple cinnamon Christmas plunger cookie cutter dog treats
Apple Christmas Dog Treats
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More Doggone Great Dog-Friendly Holiday Ideas

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