Renovating and Remodelling a Home with Fido in Mind

Pet-friendly homes (guest post and images via Modernize)

Today’s special guest post on dog-friendly home remodelling is brought to you by the team at Modernize on behalf of Home Improvement Leads. If you’d like to make your home a little more pet-friendly or are thinking about building yourself a doggy dream home someday, then this post is for you! Here are some dog-friendly home renovation and remodelling ideas to help inspire your plans. 

Remodelling a Home with Fido in Mind

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True dog lovers wouldn’t trade their pup for anything, even if it meant sparkly floors and zero dog hair on their clothes. But thankfully it doesn’t have to be either/or. With the right accommodations, you can have a dog-friendly home that’s low maintenance and welcoming to guests—even ones who may not be as passionate about canines as you are. If you’re thinking about a home remodel, this is a convenient time to evaluate how you can make your space more functional for you as a dog owner. Here are some pointers for tailoring your space to make tails wag.

Put the “Mud” in Mudroom

Even if your dog isn’t the type to get into mischief like digging up a flower bed, your pup’s paws will most likely get muddy during wet weather. If your entryway isn’t prepared to handle it, the wear and tear will start to show on your carpet, hardwood, and furnishings. Put a floor-level pet shower in your mudroom or garage with a handheld sprayer that will make rinsing your pet almost as easy as wiping your shoes on the doormat. Stock up on towels and pet-friendly shampoo so you’re not dashing around for supplies when there’s chaos to be contained.

Designate Doggy Storage

Even the littlest dog comes with a lot of luggage. You don’t just need a space for food and a bed, but also for medicines, toys, treats, and supplies like leashes and harnesses. Instead of taking up a whole pantry shelf for your pup, appoint a storage area in the mudroom or kitchen that centralizes all of your pet supplies. Get an open toy bin so your dog has the freedom to play with whatever toys capture its interest.

Install Pup-Friendly Flooring

Unless you’re a stickler about family and guests alike taking off their shoes when they enter your home, your floor sees plenty of wear and tear as it is. Accidents and claw scratches can cause permanent damage to carpet and hardwood. Consider stained concrete, tile, or hardwood that’s been treated with (pet-safe) stain and scratch-resistant coating.

Dog Doors

If you ever find yourself rushing home from work or a social event simply because it’s been a long day for your dog, give yourself a break. Install a secured dog door that will give your pet access to the outside, where it can do its business without breaking any of your house rules. Of course, be sure to secure your fence, especially if your dog is escape-prone.

Built-in Gate

A removable baby gate can help keep your pet in or out of a certain area without making it feel trapped. But most of them have to be adjusted when you move them, which is a hassle and often results in new scratches on the wall. They can also be unsightly, especially the plastic type. Instead, install a permanent gate that matches your home’s decor and is easy for you to open and close.

Big or small, your dog is going to need at least a few special accommodations if you want to keep your soon-to-be remodelled home in tip-top shape!

About the Guest Author

This guest post was prepared especially for Dalmatian DIY readers by the team at Modernize on behalf of their partner site Home Improvement Leads. Modernize is an on-line home improvement resource and education hub providing educational content to inspire ideas, and Home Improvement Leads offers connections to a network of industry-leading contractors to help you get the job done.

Pawnote from the Blog Dogs of Dalmatian DIY

What would be in your dream dog-friendly house? I think that mine would have well chosen dog-friendly flooring through all areas (because nothing is off-limits in our house), a great laundry and mudroom, plenty of well-placed storage for keeping things tidy and corralling pet supplies, and a big kitchen for baking treats and hosting friends. I’m not keen on a doggy door for my big beasts, not even a high tech one. But I would like an easy level indoor/outdoor flow to a fully secure, well-fenced, and private big backyard.

Our next collaboration is all about pet-friendly gardening and outdoor living, so stay tuned for more! On the subject of indoor/outdoor living, I’d also like the dream house to be in a pawesome dog-friendly neighbourhood close to great dog-friendly tracks and trails. And beaches. Maybe even our own private off-lead beach? Hey, a girl and her dogs can dream! Lotto tickets, anyone???

Looking for more pawesome inspiration for your dog-friendly house daydreaming? This post will be pinned along with plenty of other doggone great tips and ideas on our Better Living with Pets Pinterest board.

Pet-friendly home renovation and remodelling ideas

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