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Monday, 28 October 2019
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Styling a DIY Reversible Dog Bandana for Versatile Wear

Two Dalmatian dogs in matching homemade bandanas

Feeling stylish, furfriends? Here's a easy way to style a basic triangle dog bandana with four different design options for more versatile wear, plus DIY instructions for sewing your own bandanas. Pawfect! Doggy dress up around our place usually means a simple bandana (perhaps a bow tie for extra special occasions). As much as I like dressing our boys in matching bandanas sometimes, I'm also a realist about the impracticality of having a full duplicate wardrobe.  Similarly, as much as I like holidays, it's also nice to use each bandana more than once or twice a year. Here's an easy compromise that lets me play dress-up with more variety and greater options.

Monday, 14 October 2019
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{RECIPE} Pumpkin Gelatin Gummy Dog Treats

Small bowl and napkins on a wooden table with homemade pumpkin gelatin gummy dog treats shaped like paws and bones

We love experimenting with interesting treat recipes and playing fun little shapes, designs, layers, and other decorations; however, quick, simple, and wholesome is still a go-to for treat making even in our treat crazy kitchen. The dogs don't care about looks, just deliciousness! We usually have a batch of simple gummies in the fridge all the time, either made with simple stock or boosted with spices/herbs, and occasionally I'll include fruits or veggies as well.

Monday, 7 October 2019
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{RECIPE} Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog (Trick or) Treats

Dalmatian dog begging for homemade Halloween dog treats in a small orange treat bag, with bone shaped treats stamped "TRICK" and "TREAT"

Mmmm....pumpkin! Harvest is here for our northern furfriends and with it the silly season of all things pumpkin (and pumpkin spice), but here in New Zealand we like to enjoy pumpkin all year round. Pumpkin is delicious and nutritious, and we like to keep some cooked cubed pumpkin on hand in the freezer for quick and convenient use in baking/cooking for both humans and dogs.

Monday, 29 October 2018
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Halloween Mummy Recycled Paper Tube Treat Holder

Paper tubes with mummies drawn on them and ends folded to make pillow boxes filled with dog treats

There's definitely nothing fancy about these Halloween mummy treat holders, but there's tons of riptastic fun! They're free, recycled and recyclable (depending on your local area recycling programs), and very simple to make. Our boys LOVE ripping and puzzle opening, and a cardboard tube, empty box, or egg carton can compete with the fanciest of dog toys. The empty white cardboard tube was just begging to be mummified. Woofs!

Monday, 22 October 2018
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Frankenbone Homemade Halloween Dog Treat Decorations

Halloween isn't really a done thing down here in New Zealand, but we'll take any excuse for a treat of two! Last year's mummy bone dog treats were one of my favourite treats to create and decorate (definitely something I would do again). These Frankenbones simplify monster treat decorating for a fast way to make a fun batch of treats and it's easy enough for the kids to help with making special Howl-oween dog treats for their furry friends.

Dalmatian dog begging for dog treat that is shaped like a bone with stamped monster eyes

Monday, 16 October 2017
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DIY Squeaky Stuffed Witch Halloween Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog with a homemade Halloween witch squeaky toy in his mouth

We've got a witch! A witch! A witch! We have found a witch. May we BITE her?  This DIY squeaky softie dog toy is a fun Halloween treat and easy to adapt to different witchy styles.  Humphrey is loving his coven of squeaky witches. He has three of them, spoiled spotty devil, but it has been a bit of a special time around here lately as noted at the end of the post.  A little spoiling and some Humphrey-centric fun was definitely in order.

Monday, 9 October 2017
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Mummy Bone Homemade Halloween Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats shaped like mummy faces and mummified bones

These mummies are a fun way to decorate a special batch of  Halloween dog treats. You can use the same technique for human cookies too...just make sure your chosen recipes and flavours are human-friendly. Since these treats are decorated without doggy icing, the finished treats look fancy but are still "plain" enough to be freezer-friendly and/or hold up well during handling, which makes them great for gifting to your favourite furfriends.  Doggy bag anyone?  My mummy munching defenders were more than happy to save me from these little monsters:

Friday, 21 October 2016
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Squeaky Frankenstein Halloween DIY Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog sitting on a chair holding a homemade stuffed Frankenstein Halloween dog toy in his mouth

Today's doggy DIY is a Halloween Frankenstein squeaky softie.  My Frankenstein was made with a scrap of heavy green upholstery fabric with a bonded black fleecy backing - it is ridiculously tough stuff! Softie dog toys follow the same basic principles as you would use if sewing (or buying) for a small child - no loose parts to nibble free and everything securely stitched into a sturdy toy. You can easily scale the project to suit the size of your pet - cat brother Tiger has his own matching mini-Frankenstein homemade felt catnip toy.

Friday, 14 October 2016
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DIY Halloween Squeaky Mummy Dog Toy

Smiling Dalmatian dog sitting on a chair with a homemade Halloween mummy face dog toy

Today's doggy DIY is a Halloween mummy squeaky softie. It requires a little cutting/sewing but is VERY easy to make as mummies are inherently haphazard and (of course) it's tons of fun for play.  This is also a great scrap-buster project if (like me!) you have fleece offcuts hanging around in your craft supply stash.

Monday, 10 October 2016
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{RECIPE} Black Cat Cookies | Halloween Dog Treats

Homemade Halloween dog treats shaped like black cats and bones

Meow!  These black cat cookies are a fun little Halloween treat for doggies who happen to cross their paths.  Bad luck?  Perhaps for the cats...hehe...  We've shared an easy biscuit dog option below, but these can easily be made using your favourite roll/cut favourite dog treat recipe or adapted as human cookies.

Friday, 7 October 2016
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DIY Combination Tug and Squeaky Halloween Spider Toy

DIY Halloween spider dog toy

This Halloween spider toy combines all the fun of a squeaky soft dog toy with the longer-lasting stretchy goodness of a woven tug dog toy.  If the spider body succumbs to the inevitable tyranny of squeaker frenzied doggy bliss, the legs are still plenty of fun on their own. Yeah!  And it's crazy fun - there was a frenzy of dog excitement over this spider toy. I had some scraps in my stash and extra  black fleece kicking around, so I figured why not bet a little creative (and silly). Black fleece is a Dalmatian fur magnet...furry spider legs before it was even off my craft table! Sigh...

Wednesday, 28 October 2015
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{RECIPE} Halloween Zombie Dog Treats

Zombie face DIY Halloween dog treats

Never fear!  Your dog will be happy to help fend off these zombie attackers - they'll disappear before you know it. These simple dog cookies are a fun and simple homemade Halloween treat. Have a very Happy Howl-oween!

Friday, 23 October 2015
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Spotted: DIY Polka Dot Halloween Decorations

We love a good polka dot and Halloween is no exception. Even if you have no dogs to DIY for and aren't ready to make a Dalmatian costume for the occasion, you can still let your inner spots out! Here are some spotted Halloween DIY decoration ideas, both classic spots in (of course) our favourite shades of black and white, along with with a few spook-tacularly fun spotty googly eyes ideas for goulish goodness!

A collection of polka dot, circle, and spot Halloween DIY decorations and recipes

Friday, 16 October 2015
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Spotted: Dalmatian Style Halloween DIY Costumes

Show us your spots this Halloween!  Here are some fun DIYs for dressing up as a Dalmatian. The signature spots are easy to DIY onto white clothing, or you can sew your own with print or polka dot fabric.  Dalmatian costumes are fun on their own, but are also a great opportunity for combination costume dressing, such as a fireman and firedog, Cruella with puppies, or Roger and Anita with Pongo, Perdita and/or more of the 101 Dalmatians.  If you have Dalmatians, they can easily join in the spotty fun, but any dog can be a Dalmatian for Halloween with a polka dot bandana, jumper, or coat. Human or canine, there should be plenty of treats involved! 

A collection of DIY Dalmatian Halloween costume ideas

Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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{RECIPE} Easy Pumpkin Halloween Dog Treats

Homemade Halloween dog treats shaped like pumpkins

Halloween (Howl-oween!) is coming!  Why not make your dog a batch of puppy pumpkin treats as a special present or to share with furry friends?  Tricks for treats?  Yes, indeed!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015
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{RECIPE} Harvest Pumpkin Dog Truffle Treats

Whether you are looking for a harvest treat, planning a little something special for your dog's Halloween, or simply looking for a new (and health conscious) homemade recipe to try, these truffles are a hit!

Homemade pumpkin truffle dog treats flax crumb coating