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Monday, 27 January 2020
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Hand Stamped Valentine's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Dog Treats

Stamped Valentine's Day jigsaw puzzle piece homemade dog treats

With Valentine's Day coming up and Puzzle Day later this week ( I love these crazy days), today's post is a cute DIY decorating idea for homemade dog treats. Stamping is one of my favourite ways to dress up a treat, and it's an easy way to make cute treats without adding icings or glazes that require extra time/ingredients and may affect the portability, storage, and/or shelf life of the treats. They look fancy, but stamped designs can be deceptively easy to make (and fun).

With all the crazy treats we create and share, you might be surprised to read that we do remakes/bakes of existing recipes. Sometimes this is because it's a simple go-to favourite (like beef jerky or broth gummies), sometimes I'm testing with different ingredients or substitutions, and sometimes it's just because the mood strikes.  With our transition to the new Dalmatian DIY domain, one of the long-term very slow tasks on my to-do list is going back through our recipe archives to recheck old recipe details and make adjustments for accuracy/clarity if needed. To keep it fun for my crazy creative self, these rebakes are a great opportunity to have a little fun with the shape and style of the treats and occasionally you'll see them pop up here on the blog as DIY decorating ideas that you can use with you own favourite dog treat (or human cookie) recipes from here or elsewhere. If you have suggestions or special requests, drop us a comment. No promises, but you never know! :)

Dalmatian dogs staring at a heart-shaped Valentine dog treat

To make true puzzle treats, you will need some form of puzzle shaped cookie cutter (I used a standard puzzle piece and a two-piece puzzle heart); however, any shape of cookie/biscuit cutter can be used with a patterned dough for a puzzle-inspired look. It's the irregular mosaic stamping on the dough that really makes these treats their jigsaw look. I used a combination of smaller cutters as my stamps, but dough can be stamped with any clean food-safe items.

Dough can also be rolled with a patterned rolling pin or by placing a textured food safe sheet (e.g. lace) over the partially rolled dough before rolling over the top to create an impression prior to cutting. I've used this technique to create and cut patterned clay. This type of regular pattern is less puzzle-like, but also cute.

Step-by-step how to make patterned jigsaw puzzle dog treats

Any roll-and-cut dog treat dough that you and your dogs enjoy can be used to make similar treats; however, a smooth dough that will take a tidy impression and cut cleanly without chunky/lumpy add-ins can be helpful.  You can read more about stamping treats in our dog treat decoration post.

If using words or large shapes in the pattern, extra attention to cutter placement and orientation can be helpful to optimise the cut shapes. For example, I cut the puzzle hearts first (large cuts, taken together as a matched set). Puzzle pieces (unmatched) were taken if/as suited, and then puzzle bones before re-rolling and stamping a new mosaic. Depending on your cutter(s), puzzle pieces can be carefully cut to fit together if you're keen to try; however, any misalignment in cutting, small variations during cutting and positioning on the pan, and/or changes during baking can affect the fit. Not that the dogs will care about assembling. My boys are keener on disassembling! Hehehe...

Two Dalmatian dogs sharing a heart-shaped Valentine dog treat
Monday, 11 February 2019
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Making a Favourite Dog Treat Recipe into a Special Valentine

Dalmatian dog eating a hot pink paw shaped gelatin gummy dog treat

It's almost Valentine's Day, furfriends! We have lots of recipe ideas in our blog archives, but if you have a tried-and-true recipe or want to make your dog's favourite treat into a special Valentine, two VERY simple ideas are to just play with the shape and/or colour of your go-to treat recipe.  Here are some tips and inspiration:
Monday, 4 February 2019
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DIY Woven Fleece Double Loop Dog Tug Toy

Pink and blue woven fleece dog toy with two loops and two tugs

Love is in the air! Humphrey has a new puppy pal (they are so cute together) and this toy was created for some wild tug toy playtime. It may be a bit strange looking, but was created for function and fun - which is what matters most, right? With two loops and two straight stick "handles" there are tons of options for multiple dogs and humans. Humphrey has even figured out how to play tug with himself by using a paw with one loop and his mouth with the other - quite hilarious to watch. 

Monday, 28 January 2019
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{RECIPE} Beetroot and Carob Gelatin Gummy Dog Treats

Deep red beetroot and carob gelatin gummy dog treats shaped like paws and bones

These yummy gummies use a dash of yummy carob to take the natural translucent red of a beetroot gummy treat to a richer more opaque deep red treat. Plus carob tastes/smells delish! 

Monday, 21 January 2019
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{RECIPE} Naturally Pink Strawberry Cheesecake Dog Treats

Pink heart and bone shaped Valentine's Day dog treats on a polka dot background

We're back from our holiday blogging break and hopping straight into the goodies with our Valentine's Day post line up, and it's a berry-based treat for my berry-loving boys. May we all be as lucky to find a Valentine who looks at us with as much love and desire as Oli eyeing up a strawberry (or strawberry treat)! Haha! Look at this face:

Monday, 5 February 2018
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Valentine Dog Treat Tips for Pretty Pinks and Ravishing Reds

Dalmatian dog smiling and begging for a bright pink bone shaped dog treat

It's almost Valentine's Day, and this will be our final Valentine themed post of this year's collection as we switch our posting focus to the upcoming celebration of the Chinese New Year (Year of the DOG!) with a delicious diversion in honour of Pancake Day. Yummo! So for all of our Valenpups and their humans looking to make a few special last minute Valentine treats, here are our top tips for tinting pretty pinks and ravishing reds, including natural colours.

Friday, 2 February 2018
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{RECIPE} Blackberry Cheesecake Dog Treats

Homemade pink dog treats shaped like bones and hearts

Old boy Oli is an absolute fiend for blackberries. Our berry patch is in a gated area, but when the gates are open whilst I'm working in the garden, Oli is sure to arrive like a berry seeking bear bumbling his way into the bird netting hoping for a tasty nibble. Since antioxidants are a big part of our efforts to give Oli happy healthy golden years, his berry love is something we happily indulge in moderation. Blackberries are a powerhouse of free radical fighting antioxidants along with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Blackberries are also a vibrant dark purple-red inside their inky drupelets, and the messy stains on my berry picking fingers inspired me to use that natural colouring to create these Valentine treats.  Beetroot is usually my pink go-to, but Oli was very pleased to see blackberries on the menu. And with the irresistible tang of cream cheese? Drool! 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018
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{RECIPE} All Natural Hot Pink Valentine Gummy Dog Treats

Bright pink gelatin gummy dog treats shaped like bones and paws

These bright pink gelatin gummy dog treats get the pretty pink from combining our go-to simple stock base with plain yogurt and beetroot powder. They only take a few minutes to make (plus set time) and are something that I feel great about giving to our boys as a treat since they are jam packed with healthy goodness. 

Monday, 29 January 2018
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DIY Giant Lips Squeaky Softie Valentine's Day Dog Toy

Stuffed toy shaped like giant red lips in the mouth of a Dalmatian dog

Smmmmmmoooch! Young master Humphrey-Hot-Lips is loving his newest squeaky toy. This Valentine's Day DIY dog toy was a quick and easy craft - much simpler than some of our fancy embellished squeaky toys, but still tons of fun!  The centre seam really completes the lippy look, and the toy looks exactly the same on the front/back.

Monday, 15 January 2018
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{RECIPE} Carob Peanut Butter Cinnamon Heart Dog Treats

Heart shaped Valentine's Day dog "chocolate" treats with pink gift tags and drawstring bag

Pucker up, valenpups!  These no-bake treats combine the irresistible flavours and scents of carob and peanut butter with breath freshening cinnamon and coconut oil. Smooches for pooches?  Count us in!

Friday, 12 January 2018
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{RECIPE} Sardine and Cheese Dog Treats (Naturally Pink!)

Pink bone shaped homemade dog treats

With the chaos and fun of Christmas behind us, it's time for us to start our Valentine's posts, yay! Feel the love, furfriends!  Nothing says love to our boys quite like something super stinky and delicious, and fishy treats are particularly irresistible. Sardines puree to a not-so-appetising greige colour, so these treats get an all-natural colour boost from beetroot powder.  Delicious and nutritious!

Monday, 13 February 2017
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Doggone Great DIY Ideas for a Valentine's Day with Dogs

Red truffle dog treats on a table with pink and red hearts and drawstring treat bags

Happy (almost!) Valentine's Day!  Today we're rounding up some doggone great ideas for having a pawesome Valentine's Day with your dog.  All that unconditional doggy love definitely deserves a little something special.
Friday, 10 February 2017
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DIY "Love Bone" Valentine's Day Squeaky Softie Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog playing with homemade dog toy shaped like a red bone with the word LOVE

Love love love love love love love love love love love... You can never have too much love or squeaky toys, am I right?  Humphrey seems to think so, check out these action shots playing with his new squeaky Love Bone toy:
Monday, 6 February 2017
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{RECIPE} Beetroot + Gelatin Red Gummy Heart Dog Treats

These simple gelatin gummy heart homemade dog treats are naturally red thanks to the addition of delicious nutritious beetroot powder and are full of gelatin goodness - yum! 

Homemade red gummy heart Valentine's Day dog treats

Friday, 27 January 2017
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DIY Twisted Double Spiral Woven Fleece Dog Tug Toy

Dalmatian dog playing with a double spiral woven fleece homemade Valentine's Day tug toy

The Double Spiral weave starts with a Double Box Knot, which is just two Basic Box Knots next to each other, both tied using the same up/down strands.  From that starting point, the weaving style switches to Circle Twist. Since we have two sets of horizontals with shared verticals, the two woven circles conjoin into a spiral around each other as the tug is knotted, creating the Double Spiral. Here's how to make it!

Monday, 23 January 2017
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{RECIPE} Yogurt Gelatin Healthy Heart Gummy Dog Treats

Homemade yogurt and gelatin dog treats, heat-shaped, on a red and black background

These little hearts are so easy and our dogs LOVE them.  Made in two steps to protect the probiotic content of the yogurt, these gummies are quick healthy treats that you can feel good about sharing with your dog... even literally if you'd like to sample! I'm not into eating gelatin myself, but it's great for humans as well as dogs. When made with plain yogurt, these gummies are naturally a creamy white. The mixture can also be tinted with compatibly flavoured natural colourings (or a dog-safe food colouring) before pouring the prepared gelatin mixture into your molds, if you wish.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
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{RECIPE} Pink and White Puzzle Heart Valentine Dog Treats

DIY heart puzzle homemade dog treats (pink and white)

These fun Valentine's Day dog treats were made using naturally tinted beetroot dough and our new puzzle heart cookie cutter (a Christmas gift from Santa's "pet chef" stocking stuffers), aren't they cute?

Monday, 21 November 2016
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{RECIPE} “Red Velvet” Doggy Truffle Treats

Homemade red velvet beetroot dog truffle treats on a table with gift bags and bows

These naturally coloured doggy truffles are easy to make and pretty doggone healthy.  The beetroot and coconut oil/flour base gets a delicious boost of puptastic smalls/flavours from the peanut butter and carob, but they also help to deepening of the natural colouring of the mixture into a darker rich velvety red.  Rolled in snowy white coconut, they make a beautiful festive holiday treat!

Friday, 12 February 2016
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DIY Rolled Fabric and Ribbon Rosette Dog Collar

Dalmatian dog wearing a DIY rolled ribbon rosette dog collar

Today's DIY is extra special (and extra cute)! Here's how to make your own rolled fabric (or ribbon) flower dog collar decorations.  Make one for Valentine's Day or pin this to your future crafting list for including your dog in an upcoming wedding or special event.  It is easier than you might think, and there are sew and no-sew options depending on your preferences.