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Monday, 30 April 2018
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DIY Custom Iron-Ons with Two Colour Shadow Effect Lettering

Blue t-shirts saying "Dali Momma" and "Dali Daddy"

This post has been created in collaboration with our partner blog Creativity Unmasked.  With Mother's Day coming up in a few weeks and Father's Day not long after for those of you up north (it is in September here), we're sharing our custom heat transfer vinyl pet parent t-shirts. I made these first when I got my Cricut as a test for cutting size (little Dalmatian dots) and iron-on resilience. The bright blue shirts were bought as part of our dog vision walkies wardrobe changes, so they were the perfect target for some pet parent territorial marking. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018
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Houseplant Safety for Pet-Friendly Homes

Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and if you're a nature-loving animal-loving person (like me!) then you're keen to share you home with both plants and pets. With a little extra knowledge and some strategic placement to avoid unwanted nibbling, knock-overs, or (eek!) potty problems, indoor plants and pets can safely share your space. Not only can houseplants beautify your space, they can also help to purify the air (always helpful with pets...hehehe...), regulate humidity, and boost your well-being.

Red peace lily flower on a green background

Friday, 2 December 2016
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DIY Decoupage Photo Gift Tags + Ornaments {Guest Post}

Hey there furfriends!  Today's special Christmas post of the day will follow, but we wanted to let you know that we've shared a pawesome pet (or people) craft on our partner blog at Creativity Unmasked.

Pet photograph gift tags on wrapped brown paper presents with black and white ribbons

Thursday, 29 September 2016
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How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home Garden {Guest Post}

Smiling Dalmatian dog in front of hydrangea bushes

A dog-friendly home includes more than just the house, it's shared outdoor living spaces too.  In collaboration with Green in Real Life, here are some tips for creating, maintaining, and sharing a garden space with your furry family members.

Friday, 8 July 2016
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How to Sew Drawstring Treat Bags {Guest Post}

Drawstring dog treat bag with iron on "My Best Friend" on table with treats and leash

Today's post is a collaboration with our partner blog, Creativity Unmasked, making drawstring treat bags with sturdy fabric and strong seaming to hold up under daily wear-and-tear as well as washing (for all those treat crumbs!). Mini bags, like these, are a great way to use fabric remnants. Although these little cuties are sized and styled for treats, drawstring bags are an easy DIY that can be scaled to suit a wide variety of uses.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016
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DIY Easter Bunny Softie (Big and Small) Guest Post

Smiling Dalmatian with a homemade Easter bunny stuffed dog toy

This post is a collaboration with our partner blog, Creativity Unmasked.  Oli was so excited about his new homemade squeaky Easter bunny toy that he couldn't resist a few nibbles before I could even snap a photo!  Look at that drool!  He wasn't going to give it up, either, keeping a possessive paw securely on his prize. 

Monday, 14 December 2015
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Guest Posting a Creative Christmas Decor DIY

Metallic silver painted papier mache dog figurine with Christmas decorations

Need a little bit of decorative doggy flair for your holiday vignette or perhaps a creative DIY Christmas present for a dog lover?  Check out our guest post at Creativity Unmasked for the details on how to turn just about any object into a vintage-style faux metallic decoration.  We won't judge if you decide to make a cat ornament. We promise... For an alternative approach, a fancified frame and photo of the furry friends is always a great gift too!  You could even frame some homemade paw prints