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Monday, 20 April 2020
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Oli's 14th Birthday (Lockdown Pawty Special Edition)

Our sweet senior spotty is 14! Thank you for all of the social media love and happy birthday wishes you've given to Oli over the past few days. We are very lucky to be celebrating together again this year. Although we have a temporary pause here on the blog due to our current COVID-19 lockdown, a birthday party is always something to celebrate. Even if it's a small bubble birthday with long distance well wishes. 

Monday, 4 November 2019
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{RECIPE} Calming Chamomile Gelatin Gummy Dog Treats

Chamomile gelatin gummy treats for dogs shaped like paws and bones

Keep calm and snack on! I've been meaning to post this recipe ever since chatting with an Instagram furfriend about their pet's travel stress, and with Guy Fawkes fireworks imminent (call us party poopers, but we hate it!) it seemed like a great time to post about calming chamomile. These gummies are a simple way to make chamomile tea more palatable and (if needed for travel) portable by infusing it into yummy gelatin gummy dog treats. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017
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Our Go-To DIY Dog Treat Recipes: Puppuccinos

DIY puppuccino and carob hot chocolate for dogs in small bowls on a table with ingredients

Make it in May!  Today's easy homemade favourite started as an occasional indulgence on chilly weekend mornings - puppuccinos! Pavlov's Oli quickly developed a love for the sound of the coffee maker, and those puppy dog eyes are just so doggone hard to resist.  Whether it is a simple fluffy, a carob "hot dogolate", or something a tad fancier, whipping up a puppuccino-style treat has become a frequent part of our family coffee ritual. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
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{RECIPE} Puppuccino Style Doggy Hot 'Chocolate'

It is wintertime in our part of the world, and sometimes you just need a little extra indulgence to start the day off on the right paw. For our dogs, the sound of the coffee machine signals the potential to plead (cue puppy dog eyes) for a little bit of froth or perhaps some warm milk. If you feel like spoiling your pup, then perhaps a puppuccino style hot 'chocolate' is the perfect quick treat for a chilly morning, birthday breakfast, or just because! Bonus love if you pair it with a doggy croissant or other delicious dog treat.

Homemade dog-friendly carob hot 'chocolate'  puppuccino drinks