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Monday, 16 December 2019
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Homemade Christmas Dog Treat Biscuit Bars and DIY Wrappers

DIY segmented bar dog treats with homemade Christmas wrappers

Happy almost howlidays, furfriends! Today's post shows how to bake a segmented bar of homemade dog biscuit/cookie style treats as well as a fun option for wrapping little DIY dog treat gift bars for presents.

This will be out final post of 2019 before our Christmas/New Year's blog break, but we'll be popping up from time to time on our social media, so please join us if you're not already following the fun. Thank you for all the love you've shown to Oli and Humphrey this year, your kind words of condolence when our elderly cat, Tiger, passed away, and the support you've given to us and our Dalmatian DIY blog, especially when we took the leap of transitioning to our own domain. Happy holiday wishes and may your 2020 be filled with health and happiness. ~Laura, Oli, and Humphrey 

Monday, 2 December 2019
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DIY Dog Bandanas with Serged Edges

Homemade Christmas patterned dog bandanas with overlocked edges

Serging the edges of DIY dog bandanas can be a great option for speed, style, or material factors. Plus it's incredibly easy, if you have a suitable machine. If only it was just as easy to get these two rascals to smile at the same time when posing together! Haha!  Humphrey is always such a serious young lad:

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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DIY Personalised Dog Party (or Anytime!) Bandanas

Dalmatian dogs wearing personalised birthday party bandanas

Oh those faces! I love these two cuties to bits, but like most siblings, they are suitably unimpressed when Mom dresses then in matching outfits for a posed photo. Haha! I refer to them as milestone mugshots. Our boys still have their reversible birthday dog bandanas (love these!), but I made new any-occasion personalised bandanas and created an extra for Humphrey's new little (no longer so little) bestie, puppy pal Cooper.

Monday, 11 February 2019
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Making a Favourite Dog Treat Recipe into a Special Valentine

Dalmatian dog eating a hot pink paw shaped gelatin gummy dog treat

It's almost Valentine's Day, furfriends! We have lots of recipe ideas in our blog archives, but if you have a tried-and-true recipe or want to make your dog's favourite treat into a special Valentine, two VERY simple ideas are to just play with the shape and/or colour of your go-to treat recipe.  Here are some tips and inspiration:
Monday, 18 December 2017
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Easy DIY Howliday Treat Bauble Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments filled with small dog treats

These howliday dog treat ornaments are easy to make and they're pawesome inexpensive little gifts for furfriends, takeway gifts for holiday pawty guests, or a little take along pressie for the furbabies of your host/hostess.

Monday, 11 December 2017
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Two weeks until Christmas!  Are you ready for Santa Paws?  If (like me) you and the elves still have some shopping to do, here's the 2017 edition of our holiday ideas with tips for the dogs and dog lovers on your nice list. Woofs!

Smiling Dalmatian dog surrounded by wrapping paper and presents

Tuesday, 5 December 2017
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DIY Dog Treat Jar {Guest Post} + Treat Jar Tips and Freebies!

Glass dog treat jar surrounded by homemade Christmas dog treats

We've helped the pet-loving team at Blog 4Knines share a VERY easy holiday doggy DIY for creating your own custom treat jar, no special skills or materials/tools required.  Visit the guest post for the scoop on how to make your own oh-so-fancy but oh-so-easy DIY dog treat jar. Shhh...nobody needs to know it only took you a few minutes to make! Create one for yourself or a whole batch as holiday gift jars for special animal-loving family and friends.

Friday, 31 March 2017
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Assembling a DIY Dog Easter (or Any Occasion Gift) Basket

Smiling Dalmatian dog with a homemade dog gift basket full of toys, treats, and dog supplies

Today's doggy DIY combines crazy pet-parent with a dose of practicality to create positively pawesome dog-friendly Easter baskets.  Special occasions are a good opportunity to refresh any worn-out pet necessities like collar, leads, harnesses, etc. as well as indulge in a few new toys or treats.  You can use this as inspiration for any occasion doggy gift giving, and a basket of goodies is a great idea for gifting new pet owners as well.  Here are our tips:
Friday, 16 December 2016
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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Dogs + Their Humans

It's our final post of 2016!  We're wrapping up our December Barkmas bonanza and the blogging year with a double posting dose of festive inspiration. In this post we're sharing a round-up of DIY Christmas gifts for dogs from our archives and recent posts, a few of our tried-and-tested favourite pre-fab toys and products, and pet-themed gift ideas for dog loving humans. Check out the preceding post DIY Christmas Dog Treats + Gifts for Aspiring Pet Chefs for treat recipe ideas, a free holiday dog treat e-cookbook, and kitchen/cooking gift ideas for dog lovers.

DIY Christmas treats, toys, and presents for dogs and dog owners

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DIY Christmas Dog Treats + Gifts for Aspiring Pet Chefs

It's almost time for our howliday blogging break, and today we're wrapping up our 2016 posts with a double posting dose of festive inspiration. First up we have a round-up of tasty Christmas treats from our archives and recent posts that you can make and share with your furfriends, a free holiday dog treat cookbook (yay!), and ideas for Christmas kitchen-themed presents for animal-loving bakers and/or budding pet chefs. We also have a follow-on post with Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Dogs + Their Humans (don't miss our silly little Christmas GIF at the end of that post) then it's time to start our own blogging holidays!

DIY homemade Christmas dog treats

Wednesday, 7 December 2016
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DIY Pet Pillow Boxes + Party Popper "Christmas Crackers"

Dog and cat gift wrapping made from recycled cardboard tubes, wrapped and stamped with WOOF, MEOW, and paw prints

My dogs LOVE tearing into boxes, paper, cardboard rolls... they're avid recyclers, always happy to help break things down for the bin! :)  Today's post shares how to prettify your everyday recyclables into pawesome holiday/party wrapping and pressie packaging for pets (or anyone you please!).  It is shared in collaboration with our partner blog at Creativity Unmasked, where you can discover how the easy homemade custom bone, paw, and word stamps were created with instructions for creating your own. Yay!

Friday, 2 December 2016
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DIY Decoupage Photo Gift Tags + Ornaments {Guest Post}

Hey there furfriends!  Today's special Christmas post of the day will follow, but we wanted to let you know that we've shared a pawesome pet (or people) craft on our partner blog at Creativity Unmasked.

Pet photograph gift tags on wrapped brown paper presents with black and white ribbons

Friday, 18 November 2016
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DIY Dog Poop Bag Christmas Wreath + Mini Christmas Tree

Yes. I am that kind of crazy. 💩 Honestly though, this just might be the most useful Christmas wreath ever. As all good dog owners know, you can never have too many poo bags, but you can definitely have too few! 

DIY Christmas wreath made out of dog poop bags

These would be particularly fun crafts for animal welfare charity holiday fundraisers. I would totally buy a raffle ticket for a poo bag wreath (look at all those bags, so worth it!) or buy a mini tree.  After all, I'd have to buy poo bags anyway, right?  Giggles and poo jokes aside, they would also make nifty gifts for dog owners and furfriends.  The mini trees in particular are very affordable, cute, simple, and require only a few minutes to make.  Both crafts come apart into initial materials that can mostly be used, reused, or recycled with limited waste. Pawesome indeed!

Friday, 8 July 2016
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How to Sew Drawstring Treat Bags {Guest Post}

Drawstring dog treat bag with iron on "My Best Friend" on table with treats and leash

Today's post is a collaboration with our partner blog, Creativity Unmasked, making drawstring treat bags with sturdy fabric and strong seaming to hold up under daily wear-and-tear as well as washing (for all those treat crumbs!). Mini bags, like these, are a great way to use fabric remnants. Although these little cuties are sized and styled for treats, drawstring bags are an easy DIY that can be scaled to suit a wide variety of uses.

Friday, 22 April 2016
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Free Printable Dog Birthday Cards, Tags, and Labels

As our final (official) post of Oli's 10th birthday celebration week, we have a present for you (and your dog friends)! Here is a free set of pup-tastic printables. Since Oli had a rainbow pawty, we have bright and cheery colours for you to choose from, and you can to mix, match, and combine between or within sets as you wish. 

Friday, 1 April 2016
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Easy Upcycled DIY Dog Treat Jar

Homemade dog treats in a jar with a clay bone shaped TREAT tag

In this week's recipe post, we showed you a super cute little dog treat jar and promised the DIY details, so here goes!  This is a very simple upcycling craft and the embellished jars are a great way to gift homemade treats.

Monday, 25 January 2016
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DIY Valentine Hugs and Kisses XO Dog Tug Toys

DIY X (kiss) and O (hug) Valentine's Day dog tug toys

We have another very special Valentine's Day Dog DIY to share with you today - tug toy hugs and kisses!  These are made using our usual easy box weave fleece dog toy method, but with a few extra steps to make one tug into a closed circle for the O and combine two tugs in another to form an X.  You can, of course, just make a simple woven fleece dog tug toy in Valentine colours if you wish. Like the tags?  We have a full set of free Valentine's Day dog printables to share with you (coming soon!) along with plenty of other fun doggy ideas so stay tuned. :)

Friday, 18 December 2015
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DIY Dog Treat Christmas (or Any Occasion) Wreath

How to make your own dog bone treat Christmas wreath

Treats, in any shape or form, are great gifts for dogs (and their humans). If you are looking for a very fun and festive way to "package" your present, perhaps try a DIY dog treat wreath.  It is much simpler than it might look. A similar wreath can be inexpensively put together using a few simple supplies, and most of the components are edible, reusable, or recyclable. Pawfect!  Here are the DIY details.

Monday, 14 December 2015
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Guest Posting a Creative Christmas Decor DIY

Metallic silver painted papier mache dog figurine with Christmas decorations

Need a little bit of decorative doggy flair for your holiday vignette or perhaps a creative DIY Christmas present for a dog lover?  Check out our guest post at Creativity Unmasked for the details on how to turn just about any object into a vintage-style faux metallic decoration.  We won't judge if you decide to make a cat ornament. We promise... For an alternative approach, a fancified frame and photo of the furry friends is always a great gift too!  You could even frame some homemade paw prints