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Monday, 29 April 2019
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Oli's 13th Birthday (Plus Surf'n'Turf Dog Birthday Cake!)

Elderly Dalmatian dog wearing a "Happy Birthday" bandana

Wowzas! Our beautiful boy is 13!  Thanks for all the social media love and birthday wishes you've shared with Oli for his birthday. We're always grateful to celebrate another milestone together, but after Oli's medical emergency last year and Tiger's recent passing, we've been feeling extra mindful and thankful this time around.  Now that our little blogging breaktime for Easter celebrations and ANZAC Day commemorations is past, we're back with photos from Oli's barkday and the details on our latest crazy cake: a doggone droolworthy surf'n'turf layer cake!
Monday, 20 August 2018
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Humphrey's 4th Birthday + Layered Lambcake Recipe

Meatloaf dog birthday cake with potato frosting, cranberry decorations, and candles

Woohoo!  Handsome Humphrey is four and all grown up. Where does the time go?  Did you see the impatient posers in my latest "milestone mugshot" snap?  Oh those rascals!  Sigh. Our Facebook furfriends and Instagram pawpals got a sneak peak at Humphrey's 4th barkday in last week's posts as we we took a month offline here on the blog to focus on recovery following Oli's health scare. And now, thankfully the whole furfamily is still together and we're back on the blog. And we have CAKE!
Friday, 27 April 2018
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Tasty Adaptations of Favourite Treat Recipes for Oli's Birthday

Dalmatian dog begging for a turmeric gelatin gummy treat shaped like a paw

The final post of Oli's barkday week bonanza of golden goodies!  In addition to the birthday cake and special birthday treats shared throughout the week, we also had some adaptations on go-to treats and favourites on the birthday buffet menu. Here's the scoop on our Turmeric Gummies with Coconut Milk, Lamb and Carrot Meatballs, and Turmeric Coconut Oil Hearts. 

Monday, 25 September 2017
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{RECIPE} "Lamburger" Meatball Dog Treats with Rosemary

Homemade meatball dog treats in a bowl on a table with napkins

Did somebody say lamb??? Cue the doggy drool! These bite-sized mini-meatballs are a snap to make and can easily be frozen to defrost for individual tasty treats at anytime. Yum!  Lamb is commonly available here in New Zealand, and my dogs are wild about it; however, you can easily substitute another lean ground meat to make these meatballs, if you (or your dog) prefer. 

Monday, 23 May 2016
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{RECIPE} Pumpkin and Lamb Pupcakes

Next in our meaty May collection of savoury dog treat recipes are our Pumpkin and Lamb Pupcakes. You can bake this batter as small mini-muffins for big dog pupcakes (as shown), into a special occasion cake, or as a simple slice - just adjust your baking time to suit the style of pupcake.

Monday, 2 May 2016
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{RECIPE} DIY Jerky Treats for Dogs: 3 Ways!

This month's Monday recipes are all about the meat! Our recipe shares are often a mix of fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, and other doggone delicious ingredients; however, meat is a very important part of our dog's daily diet - even if it isn't part of mine.  Today's meat treat is very simple and one we make on a regular basis - jerky. Our dog-friendly jerky has no added salt, preservatives, or mystery ingredients. Just plain high-quality meat.

Homemade natural beef jerky dog treats

Wednesday, 20 April 2016
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{RECIPE} Layered Meatloaf Dog Birthday Cake

Homemade meatloaf dog birthday cake with potato frosting and panko sprinkles

No birthday is complete without cake! A layer cake makes things all the more special, especially with fancy frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  We love indulging our beloved senior boy Oli, but in moderation and with healthy (or healthier) ingredients and add-ins where we can. He has always been an inherently voracious eater and maintaining a healthy weight through good diet and plenty of exercise is vital, especially as he grows older. With this in mind, I set out to bake him a birthday cake which was more of a special birthday meal than a treat.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015
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{RECIPE} "Mistletoe" Mini Meatballs with Parsley

Homemade meatball dog treats with Christmas party poppers

Let the Christmas treat recipes begin! Every dog lover knows the joy of doggy kisses as well as the perils of dog breath! Oh no! Get ready for many thank you smooches if you bake up a batch of "mistletoe" ready meatballs packed with breath freshening parsley for your pooch charming.