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Monday, 2 March 2020
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{RECIPE} Cucumber Salmon Dog Treats

Homemade cucumber and salmon baked dog treats shaped like bones

These homemade dog treats are based on the classic combination of salmon and cucumber, and get a bonus boost of naturally green colour from spirulina powder, just for fun. They'd be just as doggone delicious in their natural greige colour, but I couldn't resist going green for the cucumber treats.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017
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{RECIPE} Fabulously Fishy Salmon and Oat Dog Treats

Bone shaped homemade dog treats

These fabulously fishy treats are so stinky doggone droolworthy. Smelly equals irresistible to our boys! These treats were baked using the ready-to-mix dry ingredients pictured in our easy DIY Dog Treat Jar, but are equally pawesome made straight up. Definitely a hit with our dogs! They may not be as pretty as some of the holiday treats we have in our line up for you in our pre-Christmas bonanza this year, but dogs are all about the smell/taste and this is a sure to please recipe that any dog on the nice list would love to receive from Santa Paws and his helpers.

Monday, 3 October 2016
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{RECIPE} Pumpkin and Salmon Dog Treats

Homemade pumpkin and salmon dog treats in a drawstring treat bag

These pumpkin and salmon treats are packed with healthy goodness.  Our dogs LOVE their fish treats and the strong smell is simply irresistible. Our "Stinky Pinky" treats were a doggy hit, so we decided to create an adaptation that stretches the salmon into a much bigger batch of treats that are still stinky and fishaliscious using the healthy addition of delicious and nutritious pumpkin. Yum!

Monday, 22 August 2016
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{RECIPE} Salmon Snackers Dog Treats

School of fish shaped homemade salmon dog treats

I have had this cute little fish sitting in my cookie cutter jar for ages (a little AliExpress (affiliate link) pressie from hubby for my pet treat baking) and it was just begging for some fishilicious treats.  The dough was a little tricky to pop out without cracking the tails, so I use the side of a knife which left a small mark that made me think fish I used my knife to trace a design on each fish, just for fun!  The little bubble bites are made with my fondant/cookie plunger cutters, which is my go-to method for using the in-betweens of rolled dough after cutting shapes as well as rapidly making small treats for carrying on walks/runs.

Monday, 8 August 2016
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{RECIPE} "Stinky Pinky" Salmon Training Treats

Homemade pink salmon dog treats in a drawstring treat bag

This week's recipe is about as simple (and smelly!) as they get. With just two core ingredients plus optional extras,  these are very easy to make and a good option to experiment with if your dog has a sensitive tummy. Cutting tiny treats used to be an absolute pain to the point of being prohibitive until I discovered the secret superpower of my little fondant/cookie plunger cutters. Now I can quickly and easily make A LOT of tiny biscuits, and the small circle shape holds up well even in pocket treat bags or my running wristlet.  Using a nice solid biscuit dough helps, and preferable something smelly and delicious, of course!  Stinky treats are always high-value around here!  Being pink, I couldn't help making a few big (stink-iliciously smelly) love hearts as well.