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Friday, 20 September 2019
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Homemade Birthday and Special Occasion Dog Cakes

Our current FAQs, Tips, and Troubleshooting mini-series is all about treats. We'll be diving into homemade cookie/biscuit dog treats when the mini-series resumes next week, but first we're talking cakes and pupcakes. Yum!

Homemade meatloaf dog birthday layer cake with mashed potato frosting and candles (number 11)

Thursday, 22 August 2019
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DIY Squeaky Sprinkle Cake "Birthday Bonenut" Bone Dog Toys

Stuffed dog toys shaped like bones with birthday cake icing and sprinkles.

Humphrey loves his squeakies and it has been a while since I made a new stuffed toy for his toy stash, so for his birthday I made two new little softies shaped like bone birthday cakes with rainbow sprinkles. They were nicknamed "bonenuts" for looking like sprinkle donuts in bone shape. Hehehe... They're a cross between Humphrey's old "Love Bone" DIY squeaky dog toy  and his monogram "H" DIY sprinkle donut dog toy, and he was a very happy little birthday boy with new toys.

Friday, 7 July 2017
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DIY Squeaky Ice Cream Cone Softie Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog biting a homemade dog toy shaped like an ice cream cone

"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!"  Or pleading puppy dog eyes and wizzles of impatience as the case may be. Made of scrap fleece with easy-sew external seams, this ice cream toy concept can be easily scaled and customised to suit your sewing and toy preferences. I opted for simple vanilla but with the tricky to sew but oh so cute cute sprinkles with a cherry on top. I also thickened the cone with extra offcuts to create a waffle cone texture just for fun! Waffle cones are my favourite after all!

Friday, 2 June 2017
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DIY Squeaky Softie Sprinkled Donut Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog playing with a homemade donut shaped dog toy

Happy Donut Day!  Today's doggone great DIY is an easy-sew squeaky softie donut dog toy. It's a simplified versions of our DIY monogram birthday cake/eclair softie, made with external seams  for simple two-piece joining. Nibble on donuts?  Don't mind if we do!  Humphrey (like most of us when offered donuts...) was wild about it! Check it out:

Friday, 19 August 2016
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DIY Monogram Dog Donut Soft Toy with Squeaker

Homemade monogram "H" sprinkle donut birthday stuffed dog toy

Soft toys with squeakers are a very special treat around here. Boy dogs love them, so they are fiercely contested treasures and can be rather short lived in the quest for the all-important squeaker. Since birthdays are a time for special treats, I made a monogram "H" softie for Humphrey's birthday.  Whether it's a donut, eclair, long-john, or just a cute cake, it was by far the favourite toy of the day and is the final post of our special pawty week series.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015
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{RECIPE} Carob Dipped Dog Biscuits with Peanut Sprinkles

DIY carob dipped dog treats with nut sprinkles

These pretty little treats are very simple and can be whipped up in a flash using pre-made homemade or store bought dog biscuits, making them a great DIY to try with kids or last-minute gift idea. Your dogs will love the smell of the melted peanut butter and carob, so be prepared for puppy dog eyes while you "cook" them a little something special.