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Friday, 14 October 2016
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DIY Halloween Squeaky Mummy Dog Toy

Smiling Dalmatian dog sitting on a chair with a homemade Halloween mummy face dog toy

Today's doggy DIY is a Halloween mummy squeaky softie. It requires a little cutting/sewing but is VERY easy to make as mummies are inherently haphazard and (of course) it's tons of fun for play.  This is also a great scrap-buster project if (like me!) you have fleece offcuts hanging around in your craft supply stash.

Friday, 7 October 2016
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DIY Combination Tug and Squeaky Halloween Spider Toy

DIY Halloween spider dog toy

This Halloween spider toy combines all the fun of a squeaky soft dog toy with the longer-lasting stretchy goodness of a woven tug dog toy.  If the spider body succumbs to the inevitable tyranny of squeaker frenzied doggy bliss, the legs are still plenty of fun on their own. Yeah!  And it's crazy fun - there was a frenzy of dog excitement over this spider toy. I had some scraps in my stash and extra  black fleece kicking around, so I figured why not bet a little creative (and silly). Black fleece is a Dalmatian fur magnet...furry spider legs before it was even off my craft table! Sigh...

Friday, 16 September 2016
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DIY Autumn Leaf Squeaky Dog Toy

Dalmatian dog with a homemade autumn leaf stuffed toy in his mouth

It's almost autumn for our northern fur friends, and while we hope you are still enjoying some sweet summer sunshine, we have an easy autumn dog toy DIY for you to get ready for autumn fun ahead.  Rolling around in leaf piles is crazy fun as is running wild through falling leaves, but leaf squeakers are pretty pawesome too!  So pawesome in fact that if you accidentally let the dog have the leaf before taking blog photos, well...

Friday, 19 August 2016
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DIY Monogram Dog Donut Soft Toy with Squeaker

Homemade monogram "H" sprinkle donut birthday stuffed dog toy

Soft toys with squeakers are a very special treat around here. Boy dogs love them, so they are fiercely contested treasures and can be rather short lived in the quest for the all-important squeaker. Since birthdays are a time for special treats, I made a monogram "H" softie for Humphrey's birthday.  Whether it's a donut, eclair, long-john, or just a cute cake, it was by far the favourite toy of the day and is the final post of our special pawty week series.

Thursday, 5 May 2016
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Cinco de Mayo Puppy Fiesta Fun

Cinco de Mayo puppy fiesta homemade treats, DIY fringed bandana, and cactus toys

It all started with the green dot minky was just begging to be a cactus toy!  I bought it months and months ago and into the craft stash it went, patiently waiting for Cinco de Mayo.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016
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DIY Easter Bunny Softie (Big and Small) Guest Post

Smiling Dalmatian with a homemade Easter bunny stuffed dog toy

This post is a collaboration with our partner blog, Creativity Unmasked.  Oli was so excited about his new homemade squeaky Easter bunny toy that he couldn't resist a few nibbles before I could even snap a photo!  Look at that drool!  He wasn't going to give it up, either, keeping a possessive paw securely on his prize. 

Friday, 22 January 2016
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DIY Cupid's Arrow Valentine's Day Dog Toy

DIY Cupid's arrow Valentine's Day dog tug and squeaky toy

This combination tug and squeaky softie Valentine's Day dog toy is sure to set puppy dog hearts everywhere a pitter-patter.  To make it you will need a length of fleece (or other suitable material), some contrasting fleece offcuts, scissors, and if you would like to include the optional arrowhead heart, some additional fleece for the heart, stuffing, a squeaker (optional), coordinating thread, a needle.