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Monday, 13 May 2019
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DIY Faux Fire Hydrant Garden Pee Post for Dogs

Shiny red fake fire hydrant pee post mounted in the garden

One of the things we wanted to try at the new house was teaching the dogs to use a designated location as their preferred toilet area, which for our dogs would require some sort of potty post. A fire hydrant would be perfect: great for any dog, but even more so for Dalmatians. Unfortunately, New Zealand doesn't use that style of above-ground hydrant, so buying an old/surplus hydrant, while a cool idea, wasn't an option. We decided to make one. 

Monday, 8 August 2016
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{RECIPE} "Stinky Pinky" Salmon Training Treats

Homemade pink salmon dog treats in a drawstring treat bag

This week's recipe is about as simple (and smelly!) as they get. With just two core ingredients plus optional extras,  these are very easy to make and a good option to experiment with if your dog has a sensitive tummy. Cutting tiny treats used to be an absolute pain to the point of being prohibitive until I discovered the secret superpower of my little fondant/cookie plunger cutters. Now I can quickly and easily make A LOT of tiny biscuits, and the small circle shape holds up well even in pocket treat bags or my running wristlet.  Using a nice solid biscuit dough helps, and preferable something smelly and delicious, of course!  Stinky treats are always high-value around here!  Being pink, I couldn't help making a few big (stink-iliciously smelly) love hearts as well.

Friday, 8 April 2016
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DIY Doggy Doorbells

Simple DIY dog doorbell for toilet training

When Humphrey was a wee puppy-training pup, making the race to open the back door for puppy toilet emergencies required cat-like reflexes.  Not only was he puppy training, but we were working through puppy commercial food sensitivities that meant poor Humphrey needed to go urgently and often, and had little control for sounding a warning.  Whilst at home, skeleton keys for the old doors of our reno-in-progress were often left dangling for emergency openings, and Humphrey he took to jingling the skeleton keys to call for door service.  A the reno progressed and Humphrey matured, we graduated into a make-shift set of doggy doorbells to replace the keys, consisting of a few simple bells sewn to a strip of binding material looped over the doorhandle.  Both Oli and Humphrey happily rang for door service, but the bells were annoying - jingling whenever you opened the door (dogs or no dogs) and often getting in the way of doors closing and, as a result, were a kind of crushed.  It was time for an upgrade!