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Monday, 4 November 2019
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{RECIPE} Calming Chamomile Gelatin Gummy Dog Treats

Chamomile gelatin gummy treats for dogs shaped like paws and bones

Keep calm and snack on! I've been meaning to post this recipe ever since chatting with an Instagram furfriend about their pet's travel stress, and with Guy Fawkes fireworks imminent (call us party poopers, but we hate it!) it seemed like a great time to post about calming chamomile. These gummies are a simple way to make chamomile tea more palatable and (if needed for travel) portable by infusing it into yummy gelatin gummy dog treats. 

Monday, 30 September 2019
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Using a Dog Stroller for Better Senior Quality of Life

Two dalmatian dogs on a walking trail with a large dog stroller

Life with a senior dog is filled with love, but also the sadness of watching them struggle or miss out on things that used to bring them joy.  When Oli started slowing down and retired from being my running buddy, we adapted to life by taking him on a separate walk if Humphrey and I were running.  As he slowed further, separate walkies become our daily norm. It's time consuming, but it gives both dogs the types of exercise they need and enjoy. Now the time has come to include a stroller in our exercise equipment for a better (and safer) senior quality of life. Here's the scoop on our stroller (good and bad) and adjusting to stroller life.

Friday, 10 November 2017
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A Paws for Gratitude - Thanksgiving with Pets {Guest Post}

Table with dog treats, a pumpkin, and autumn coloured craft supplies

It's almost Thanksgiving for our American furfriends! Are you ready for family, friends, and feasting fun? Today's special guest post was created for our readers by the team at Rover, with helpful tips on planning for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.  Holidays can be crazy, hectic, and stressful at the best of times; however, they can be even moreso with pets. A little advanced planning and preparation can help keep things lower stress for you and your pets, whether you'll be celebrating at home together or across the miles this Thanksgiving.