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Copyright © – Dalmatian DIY 2015-2024 (Present) by the Dalmatian DIY blog owner as content author, designer, creator, and photographer. Unless otherwise noted, Dalmatian DIY is the copyright owner of all original content and photographs on this blog/website and associated Dalmatian DIY social media accounts. Unauthorised duplication or use without express and written permission from Dalmatian DIY is strictly prohibited. As detailed in the Copyright Policy below, brief excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. See Sharing Our Content below for additional information

Dalmatian DIY Copyright Policy

Legal Framework

Dalmatian DIY’s original content (photographs, graphics, creative content, text) is protected by New Zealand and international copyrights, and by other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws as may be applicable to the nature of the content. Under New Zealand law, copyright is governed by the Copyright Act 1994, granting copyright owners like Dalmatian DIY certain controls over the use and dissemination of their works. Most countries have similar laws, and our corresponding copyright automatically arises under international  treaties and agreements

Arising Copyrights

Unless otherwise noted, Dalmatian DIY is the creator and copyright owner of all content and photographs on this blog and associated social media. Use of our images for stock (paid or free) or other redistribution (digital or print) is expressly forbidden under both copyright as well as model release (see below). Permission for sharing when linking directly to the blog is provided below. We love links and social sharing. 

The subject of a personal photograph or image also has the legal right to control its use, especially for subsequent public or commercial purposes. Blog dogs Oliver, Humphrey, and their cat brother Tiger were/are the Dalmatian DIY blog owner’s family pets. As their owner, permission (model release) for the use of their images is also restricted to approved uses by Dalmatian DIY under this Copyright Policy. 

External (Third-Party) Content

Dalmatian DIY may occasionally include external content. Guest posts will include clear and linked credit, as will any photographs or graphics they provide to accompany their posts. Any other third-party materials have been rightly purchased (where applicable) for use and/or publicly credited appropriately, to the best of my knowledge. If you see an attribution error, please let us know so that we can fix it. If your content has been shared or featured and you would like it removed, please contact us and we will make sure it is taken down. 

Some elements of this website use free and/or purchased templates, software, tools, widgets, and other elements. Although attribution is not required in their terms, we’re happy to recognise some of the great products and creative tools that help us create and deliver Dalmatian DIY. Key creative tools are noted in our Resources and Tools, and a list of website-related services is also included in our Privacy Policy.  Additional credits may appear on specific pages, posts, or social media shares.  For example, our current cartoon profile picture was specially commissioned from Portrait Fox Studio on Etsy with credits on our About page and all social media shares. Isn’t it a beauty? We purchased the artwork with commercial rights as a coodinating package for Dalmatian DIY, including the solo images of Oli and Humphrey. 

Sharing and Linking to Dalmatian DIY

All these doggone stuffy terms making you feel a bit glum? Don’t worry, furfriends! We love it when readers share our links, feature one of our posts, or pin our content. It’s pawesome when people share links to our blog and invite other people to visit Dalmatian DIY.

Abuse, Misuse, and Copying

Creating a blog takes a lot of effort. Imagination, effort, time, cost, and a lot of heart all go into creating and sharing Dalmatian DIY. Please don’t copy our posts or instructions, directly or paraphrased, to your own website or elsewhere. Copying is bad for everyone from an SEO perspective, and it’s just plain rude. Copying isn’t sharing, it’s stealing. Respectful sharing encourages others to explore the original source. It doesn’t duplicate, devalue, or bypass the source. Please link to what you love on Dalmatian DIY and invite others to read it here at the source.

Round-Ups, Features, and Other Links

Linking to Dalmatian DIY? We love links! Thanks! As a free access website, visitor traffic is what keeps Dalmatian DIY running. Thank you for sharing our links with others and supporting the website through visitor traffic. Social shares on Facebook, Twitter, will automatically include a feature photo. If you are doing a round-up style post on your own blog or website and would like to include Dalmatian DIY, you’re welcome to include one of our post photos with linked credit. Pinterest pins linking directly back to the source here at Dalmatian DIY are also allowed. We love Pinterest and use it often ourselves (follow us at Dalmatian DIY on Pinterest). You can pin whichever photo takes your fancy, but also we include at least one text overlay photo included with each of our blog posts to help with easy pinning and referencing, too.

Use of Our Photographs and Other Visuals

As noted above, you’re welcome to include one of our photographs if you are featuring a link to one of our posts.  

You are not permitted to use our images in any context that does not directly feature, relate, and link to the original post here on Dalmatian DIY. Please don’t use photos from Dalmatian DIY as your own, or in any other manner without specific and prominent linked credit to the source at Dalmatian DIY. You are not permitted to post or otherwise redistribute digital copies of any of our graphics, files, or freebies without specific authorisation. Visitor traffic is what keeps Dalmatian DIY operating, so thank you for helping others find our content at its source.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions or would like to make a request for content use. We also have a Work with Us page that covers guests, links, and some other common questions. Don’t be shy to send us a woof if you need more info or have a special request.

Use of Externally Credited Photographs and Visuals

Dalmatian DIY will always credit with links when sharing someone else’s work out of respect and in the hope that it increases their exposure. If an image here on the blog is credited to another source, please visit the source and abide by their policies should you wish to share. 

Changes and Modifications

This page was last updated on 3 May 2024
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Please review this page periodically for changes. Dalmatian DIY reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace Policy terms or content by posting updated information. Your continued use constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Use, including this Policy. 

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