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Dalmatian DIY Disclosure Policy

Advertising and Affiliate Program Participation Disclosures

The primary affiliate and advertising programs currently in use (or registered for potential use) on and/or by Dalmatian DIY are as follow:

  • As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (Program Information | Site Privacy Policy). Dalmatian DIY is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to, noting that this may include One-Link redirection for international visitors to local variants, such as 
  • Dalmatian DIY is a participant in Google AdSense which provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees by providing placement locations for advertisements served by Google AdSense to site visitors. (Program Information | Service Privacy Policy)

The primary affiliate and advertising programs are subject to change and may be updated to add, remove, and/or revise program details. From time to time, Dalmatian DIY may also share other specialist program, product, or service referral links. These will be clearly noted as referral links (or other identification if/as appropriate) in the accompanying text of the page, post, or article.

Supporting and Sharing

We share all of our content for open and free access, but creating and maintaining Dalmatian DIY has operating costs. Rather than limit access or paywall content, we’ve chosen to include advertising. Dalmatian DIY uses the proceeds from our third-party advertising placements, affiliate programs, and a variety of other sources to help offset the costs of running this site and providing our readers with completely free access to all of our articles and materials. Thanks for understanding our choice to use these programs and for continuing to support our blog.  Woofs of gratitude, furfriends! We’ll do our best to keep things transparent and to avoid being spammy with placements.

As noted in our Privacy Policy,  third-party sites/services may use cookies and/or other identifiers to manage their advertisement programs, as well as to serve personalised content. A variety of opt-outs and ad-blocker services are available if you’d prefer to block ads on this and/or other websites. Depending on your location and device settings, you might also be shown a Google-generated banner when you visit our website that allows you to customise your on-site data preferences with respect to their services and associated vendors. 

Advertising and Affiliate Programs

Third-Party Advertising

Advertisements and affiliate links that appear on this blog are third-party (Google AdSense, Amazon, and/or other). Affiliate links typically work on a referred customer basis. This means that when one of our reader clicks on an affiliate link (whether as linked text within a post or as a linked advertisement) and then makes a purchase, Dalmatian DIY may receive a small commission for promoting the website or its products. Prices are the same as they would be if you accessed the website directly. Typically, there is no material benefit from click-throughs, only from referred purchases. Non-affiliate advertisements (space allocated to third-party advertising programs, like Google ads) may operate on views, click-throughs, and/or referrals, depending on the nature of the advertising agreement.

Data and Privacy

As detailed in our Privacy Policy, third-party sites/services may use cookies and/or other identifiers to manage their advertisement programs and/or serve personalised content. Opt-outs and third-party ad-blockers are available should you wish to screen advertisements from this and/or other websites. Advertising is, however, what helps to offset the cost of running a free site. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to run a blog and to create and share content for Dalmatian DIY. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Clarity and Transparency

To make sure we catch your attention with clear and compliant disclosure statements, there is a linked disclosure statement banner automatically embedded at the start of our posts. A linked disclosure message also appears in the sidebar for any of our pages that include a sidebar format. The header and footer menus also include links to this Disclosure page for easy access.

Advertising blocks and similar are readily visible and identifiable as such. Where text links are used within posts and pages, we endeavour to ensure those are clearly identifiable as well. For example, a product link from a program site may appear as linked text followed by an annotation like “(affiliate link)” or “(referral link)” to be absolutely transparent.

Note that the advertisements and affiliate links that appear on Dalmatian DIY are third-party. We provide advertising locations or linked referrals through which vendors can show ads and/or products. We do not personally vet or endorse the content shown in these advertisements, nor the products and services that may be advertised or linked. Please refer to our Terms of Use for a detailed Disclaimer.

Compensation Disclosures

Dalmatian DIY may earn a small commission for the endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Although we often share links without having any relationship, material or otherwise, with the linked source, readers should presume that any links may have an affiliate connection or other type of relationship attached. Dalmatian DIY’s primary programs, Google and Amazon, are fully disclosed above. From time to time, Dalmatian DIY may also share specific Amazon product links or other specialist program, product, or service referral links. We endeavour to be clear about any referral, affiliate, or other relationship connection.

Compensated (sponsored) posts will only be accepted if they suit the niche, audience, style, and intent of the blog. Compensated or sponsored posts will always be clearly identified, as will any other form of material benefit such as products for review and/or giveaway. Disclosure of any material relationships or compensation is not only a legal requirement, but a matter of personal ethics. 

Unpaid and uncompensated posts make up the vast majority of content here on the blog. Posts may include unpaid links to provide supplemental information on a post or topic. We are not compensated for writing these posts or sharing the links, and we do not insert additional links links by paid/exchange request. These uncompensated posts may still include affiliate links or display advertisements, as noted above, where the linked products or services may be of interest to the reader based upon post content.

Changes and Modifications

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